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Welcome to Buckin Buffalo Adirondack, "where wood feels good". I have sat in many adirondack chairs, and have found these chairs to be the most comfortable configuration of wood, I have ever sat on. Buckin Buffalo Adirondack has a full line of outdoor furniture that will suite the needs of most who enjoy the experience of being outside.

Take a seat and you won't want to get up, so make sure you have a glass of your favorite beverage and kick your feet up.


Built out of gorgeous Western Red Cedar. This species of Cedar has magical properties. It is lightweight, and has an incredible thermal co-efficient, which means, even on hot days, it is cool to sit in. The bacteria and fungal resistance of the wood ensures long life. Most importantly, it is 80% the strength of Oak, and is the most desirable wood to build outdoor furniture out of.

For questions or to place an order call (763) 226-9587
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